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When the dream comes true

This journey began with a fierce pony named Pyret, whom Emelie Cajsdotter met at a riding school in Gothenburg almost 40 years ago. For some unfathomable reason, they were able to share each other's feelings and experiences. And since then, the dream that more people can meet and learn from other species has gradually been materialized outside Tanumshede, on the Swedish west coast.

It is now time to let this movement grow into the next phase. To a digital platform with the opportunity for more humans to share the essence that other species seem to be constantly conveying to us humans. If we are only prepared to give ourselves time to listen.


Everything is connected

More parts are emerging from the empathic communication that Emelie Cajsdotter has devoted herself to for 30 years. Here's an overall breakdown to help you understand which part does what. 

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Mio the way of compassion

A digital platform where you can take part in the essence of Emelie's empathic communication through online courses of various kinds.


Physical courses

There are a number of different physical courses such as Mio's principles of coexistence for adults and children, Nino's hoof care and other initiatives that appear when the time is right.  

Contact Emelie at:

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Friends of Mio

A non-profit association started in December 2022 with the aim of raising money to acquire land for the horses of the Mio herd to graze on.

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Mio riding

Emelie gives lessons in Mio riding in Tanumshede and the surrounding area. 

Contact Emelie at:

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Hay sponsor

Höfadder is another non-profit association. As a hay sponsor, you donate money per month and support all the animals with hay.

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Emelie provides treatments in acupuncture, homeopathy etc.

Contact Emelie at:

Mio the way of compassion

Meeting in non-hierarchical co-existence 

Mio was a pony, who for most of his life worked as a tourist horse at High Chaparral, a western-themed theme park. At the age of twenty he retired and at our first meeting he described how he met an incredible number of people during his time
as a tourist horse. All these experiences had given him invaluable insights into the relationship between horse and human. And these he now wanted to share. These,
 that became his signature; Mio's Principles. The only way to really absorb this teaching is to practicetize it, and experience it with body and mind wide open.

"These horses, they are like stars. Like comets in the night sky”. So goes the legend of the Hashemite horses. It is said that they carry messages, intended to help humanity break the isolation of the ego and step into the weave of life. This is what the seven lines are about. Where the way forward is compassion. 

Together, these two form Mio the way of compassion. 

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