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Here you can take part in our courses. There are some courses that are completely digital and some courses that you can take part in on site with the herd, we call them Friskeröd Academy. The courses listed here is in English. To take part of all courses, switch to Swedish.

Registration for all courses that Friskeröd Academy. holds, you register for by sending a description of yourself and why you want to take the course. It is then the horses who select which students are ready to participate in the course. Send your application to (be patient, answer will come, but maybe not straight away!).

Friskeröd Academy: International courses in empathic interbeing 

The horses are planning two international on site courses in 2024. 

The preliminary dates are: May 5-14 and September 8-17 in Tanumshede, Sweden (about 2 hours drive from Gothenborg). 


If you are interested in participating, please send a personal letter to where you describe a little bit about yourself and why you are interested in this work. The admission process is done through the horses and other animals. As soon as we know anything more, we will let you know. 


Contents of the course, so far:

Day 1. Arriving and settling in from mid-day and on. Spending time just being together with other species. In the evening we gather for a shared meal and storytelling. 

Day 2. Different exercises in finding and opening up the self for empathic communication. A walk in nature will be included. 

Day 3. We learn more about the concept of non-hierarchal interbeing from different species. The teachings of the Jordanian, Hashemite horses are included in all the work. 

Day 4. In order to receive something, we practice giving. This day is free of studies in order to digest what we have experienced so far. The day is spent helping out at the farm, and the duties are guided by what the animals wants us to do for them and the place. 

Day 5. Rosen inspired therapy, meeting the essence of the other one. We learn more about how we can help animals suffering from trauma. 

Day 6. The basis of riding horses, according to the principle of Mio. 

Day 7. A day by the ocean, meeting different species. We visit the nature reserve Tjurepannan where we focus on water and dissolving the concept of linear time. 

Day 8. This day we meet and work with plants. We also help out at the farm with whatever is needed.  

Day 9. Today we learn more about micro movements and communicating through an enhanced body awareness. 

Day 10. Contemplation, practicing gratefulness together with the animals, plants and forest. We finish around lunch time. 


Details around food and accommodation needs to be sorted out. Therefore we still cannot present a cost. As soon as we know more, the information will be updated. 

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Friskeröd Academy: Herbal course 

After the first trees were planted on Surtung last autumn, it has been expressed a longing. This longing is now answered in the form of an opportunity to learn more about plants
and their priceless gifts to the world. Herbal medicine, from a deeper perspective and for us humans new perspective, mediated through nature and the plants themselves. This is a unique opportunity, which also requires a respectful commitment and dedication from the human side. It will require openness, focus and total presence.


The course structure consists of three full days: May 25th, July 20th, September 28th.
Time: 9 AM - 5 PM.
Each course session will be divided into three segments, with shorter breaks in between.
Location: Surtung and Friskeröd and surroundings.
Cost: SEK 1,000 per occasion, SEK 3,000 in total. The entire sum will be unabridged be donated to trees and plants on Surtung and Friskeröd, in order to be able to contribute to
fulfill their needs and desires.


Interpreting, assisting people: Jessica Andersson and Emelie Cajsdotter.


As a student, you commit to participating on all three occasions, and physical presence is required.
We will record and write down material, but it is not distance learning. If you know in advance that you cannot be present on all occasions, it is better to wait. The hope is that this course will be recurring, for a long time to come.
Expressions of interest are made to All applications are reviewed together with the large chestnut on Surtung. You will then be notified if you have a place.


Online courses for international students

The horses are also planning an online opportunity to get some insight into the work we are doing here. This includes videos, texts and voice recordings divided into 8 chapters. This is a work in progress and as soon as we know more, the information will be shared on this website.


If you are interested in this, send an email to

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Friskeröd Academy: Celeste's ground regeneration course

The purpose of this course is to help recreate the relationship between humans and the rest of creation. So that we may be part of the same system of interbeing as all other species seem to be.


You take part of the classes via Zoom at 10.00 AM - 2.00 PM CET, all classes will be recorded. 

Price is 4 000 SEK for the whole course, it is also possible to pay 500 SEK per class (8 classes). You pay for all the classes during a year, even if you can not participate in all the classes. 

Interested? Send an e-mail to Celeste will go through all the applications. 

Day 1, 23/2. The relationship with water. In Sweden some water is frozen now, and it is still too early to awaken the memory of the life to come in springtime. it gives us time to practice finding the contact with water inside and outside of ourselves. 

Day 2, 22/3. The awakening of springtime. The water moving and the memory of the individual is brought back to life. For those who are not in the northern hemisphere, awakening is still happening throughout the growing seasons. 

Day 3, 3/5. Growth and development of the uniqueness of the individual. Grazing as part of that growing process. How can we enhance the growth and development of each other? 

Day 4, 7/6. Microbes and mycelia. The practice of empathic communication with entities that are less separated. Aiming to find the instinctive knowledge of interbeing. 

Day 5, 5/7. Coming into full bloom. Reaching the peak of growth on many levels. And how that may affect the grazing planning for the rest of the season. 

Day 6, 6/9. The development of seeds. What happens to consciousness when the individual plant splits into seeds, or when the roots grow to give space for more than one plant body? How does this season affect the grazing and the relationship between plants and grazing animals. 

Day 7, 11/10. The transformation of vital energy moving from the upper parts to the roots. The grazing habits as well as the movement changes now. How to maintain and store vital energy for the coming winter. 

Day 8, 29/11. The final part of the grazing season (in the northern hemisphere). Our role as humans in a wider perspective. How can we be part of an empathic interbeing? Closing the circle and gently move the water within and without. 

If a student begins online, later on, the best might be to begin in late winter - whenever that occurs in that part of the world. 


Akademi Friskeröd: Children and youth course

Avalable in Swedish.

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